from the golden age of chromolithography, 20th
century advertising and assorted ephemera.
All of the examples shown on these pages are just a sampling of the variety available.  This treasure
trove of beautiful and rare images has been assembled over the course of 30 years of dedicated (and slightly obsessive) searching & collecting.
Nostalgia Archive
is your source for rare and beautiful images
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It would be nearly impossible to show
this vast collection online or in print -  but
your inquiries are welcomed.  We'll search our
archives and find what you need for your project
or product.  In most instances the images will   
be enhanced and repaired so that age spots,    
creases, tears, water damage, faded color         ,
and other ravages of time do not detract             
from the beauty of the image.                      
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regarding licensing
of these images,
Jim Thacker at
Ward Thacker Studio

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availability of specific
themes or images - even if
you don't see what you
need on these pages,
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